How to Sell Your Self-Published Book


Even before you publish your book, you need to think about how you will sell it. Here are a few of the best ways to promote and sell your self-published book. Send books to thought leaders and influencers. Pre-publication copies (manuscripts or galleys) may be sent to famous or influential people, along with a request for a blurb. Send review copies to bloggers, industry … [Read more...]

How to Self Publish Your First Cookbook


Here's how one man made millions of dollars from publishing a cookbook... Cookbooks always sell. They're always number one sellers. People buy hundreds of cookbooks. It seems like anybody who comes out with a cookbook sells it. Before he wrote his book, he had not known much about the cookbook market, has just read something that said cookbooks always sell well. He was … [Read more...]

Copyright and Fair Use


One of the most misunderstood aspects of copyright law is the concept of “fair use.” Some people believe that fair use allows anyone to use up to a certain number of words from a copyrighted work (such as 120) or not more than a percentage (such as 10%) of the entire work. However, the law contains no such provision. Although the law does not specify exactly what constitutes … [Read more...]

Sell More Books by Developing and Leveraging Relationships


Relationships with other people and organizations that cater to your target market can be incredibly valuable in promoting your book. Here are some steps to developing and leveraging relationships: 1. Identify the places that your prospects turn for information about your topic. Search the internet to compile a list of the top websites, blogs, ezines, magazines, … [Read more...]

What If You Have Stage Fright?


If you are nervous about speaking in public, you are not alone - lots of people HATE to stand up and speak in front of a group of people, especially strangers. In some surveys, people have indicated that they would rather get cancer than speak in public! If you are worried about public speaking, start small. Offer to pay a free visit to one classroom. Notice what the kids … [Read more...]