Book Proposals That Sell


The subtitle of W. Terry Whalin’s Book Proposals That Sell promises 21 Secrets to Speed Your Success. In fact, those 21 secrets are just a portion of the valuable information in this book. Whalin has been on both sides of the editor’s desk. He not only has experience as an editor at a publishing house, he has written more than 60 published books. In Book Proposals That Sell, … [Read more...]

Why Authors Should Do School Visits


One important benefit of author school visits is that schools pay authors to present programs to the students. If you don’t need the money, is there any reason to do author visits to schools? First of all, breathes there an author/illustrator who does NOT need the money? However, if you are one of the fortunate few who do not need the income from author school visits, … [Read more...]

How Much Are Authors Paid for School Visits?


My stipend has increased over time. When I began, I charged $300/day. That included 4-5 programs of 45-minutes each, plus autographing and lunch with selected students. Over time, I raised my rates – usually by $50-100 each year. Today, with 9 books in print and a decade of experience as a visiting author, I average about 25 school visits each year, and at the end of the … [Read more...]

Book Publishing – Don’t Be Surprised


As you move through the publishing process, there are several key areas where being surprised will be unpleasant rather than exciting. For example, if you plan to work with a publisher, here are three key points where you want to know every detail before you move forward. 1. Is There a Cost? Is there any cost involved at all? While most authors probably think this … [Read more...]

No More Small Amazon Orders


If you are a member of the Amazon Advantage program, you may be frustrated by receiving weekly orders for odd lots of your books. There is a simple solution, though, that will make it easier to manage your Advantage stock. Filling orders takes time. When those orders are not for full cases of books they take even longer, as each order must be repacked. And when Amazon is … [Read more...]

Why Should You Write Your Life Story?


Writing your life story is embarking on a journey through the past. It’s a unique journey, one no one else has ever taken. That’s because the road you’ll travel is built from your very own memories and experiences ~ your very personal reactions to all the situations and events you’ll be remembering. Your life will pass before your eyes. You’ll re-experience its pleasures and … [Read more...]

How Do Authors Prepare for School Visits?


In addition to creating a program, there are other things authors should do to prepare for a school visit. I usually exchange at least 4 emails or phone calls with the person who is arranging my visit… I ask to see the day’s schedule so I can make suggestions, like grouping children by age/grade and allowing “travel time” between programs. I ask for directions to the … [Read more...]