7 Profitable Things You Get to Do When You Write Your Book


Are you tired of waiting for your bottom line to change? Don't wait any longer; take your profit line into your own hands. Join the list of authors who finally wrote their book and profited from doing so? Would you like to receive a growing monthly income from a book you wrote? Where would you go on vacation with the additional income stream your book created for … [Read more...]

Create a Web Site That Sells!


I spent the entire month of August last year restructuring our web site. As a result, sales have tripled — not an easy thing to achieve in our highly competitive field. Let me explain: I own a site of resources and services for writers. As you know, there are probably thousands of such sites up, ranging from such biggies as iUniverse to small mom-and-pop operations. … [Read more...]

What Do Authors Do During School Visits?


One good way to develop a school program is by watching what other author/illustrators do. Call the media specialists at schools in your area to see if they are hosting a visit, and ask if you can join the audience. You will discover that many authors/illustrators talk about their experience (their creating/publishing “journey”) – how their first book was researched, … [Read more...]

Book Publishing – Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Writing Conferences


Writing conferences come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the area, venue, and people's budgets (both attendees and sponsors), an event may have a few hundred or a few dozen people show up. The Essence of Motown Conference, which I attended for the first time this year, was another victim of the Michigan economy-less than fifty people came. Though I wasn't sure what … [Read more...]

Author Library Events – Top Tips for Success


"I've recently been invited to speak at a library. Could you give me some help on what to expect and how to make the most of this opportunity?" Glad to help. Ask for an honorarium fee. If they do not have a budget for this ask about a "friends of the library" group that may help with this. When you get a firm time and date, give the library photos, graphics and … [Read more...]

Authors Blog For Free on Amazon


If you are the author of a book, ebook or audio product available on Amazon.com, you can have a blog on the Amazon site through Amazon Author Central. Amazon Author Central can bring more people to your product page where they can learn about and buy your book, it can inform customers about your upcoming events and new products, and it can lead Amazon customers to your web … [Read more...]

The ABCs of Author School Visits


As soon as my first book was published, I began visiting classrooms, schools, and libraries to talk to young readers about writing. I’m a former teacher and a mom, and my colleagues - as well as my children’s teachers - invited me to speak to their students and library patrons. At first, these visits were favors to people that I knew, so I visited at no charge. I love children … [Read more...]

Future Trends of Publishing


I recently caught a broadcast on my local NPR station from American Public Media about the troubled book publishing industry. The most recent trend is that bookstores are ordering more books than they could ever sell because they are trying to compete with online book stores. They fear, according to the report, that if customers cannot find what they are looking for, they … [Read more...]

Seven Public Relations Secrets that Get Your Book Noticed


Publicity can come from anywhere, and in many different forms. It can be as simple as having a letter published in the editorial column of your local paper, or as dynamic as having a front-page article with your name splashed across the headlines. But a successful publicity campaign is harder than you may think. It takes huge effort on your part to get your book noticed by the … [Read more...]

Keep Writing to Promote Your Book


Don't stop writing now that your book is published. You can make more sales by writing to promote your book. Adapt Part Of Your Book To Become An Article Or Short Story. Upload it to a content driven Web site, submit it to an e-zine, enter it in a contest, submit it to a publication, offer it to an email newsletter you like and don’t forget to publish it on your Web site … [Read more...]