Get You and Your Book Noticed


Join a Networking Group – Whether it is your local Chamber of Commerce, a writers group or some other association that speaks to your passion and desire to get your book noticed, networking is a great way to let people know who you are. Pick a few that you really like and then show up each month. Networking and building relationships take time but the payoff is well worth … [Read more...]

Baseball and the Art of Book Publicity


If you’ve spoken to many publicists, you may have heard some analogies between baseball and book promotion. I probably use them everyday when speaking with clients or prospective clients, because they make key points succinctly and in an understandable manner. Here is the analogy distilled to its simplest form: Publicity is like baseball because both involve small hits, … [Read more...]

Making Time to Write


Do you wish you could write more, but believe you do not have enough time? We make time for what is important, and excuses for the rest. If you want to write, here are ten ways you can stop making excuses and make the time to write. Claim small bits of time. Do not assume that you need to set aside an entire day in order to write. Many authors have written books in little … [Read more...]

Market Your Author Web Site


Now that you have a web site, here are some ideas on getting people to visit your site. Add New Content To Your Web Site On A Regular Basis - Include a few pages of your book with a note that you will be adding more and when? People will come back to keep reading. Add A Contest On Your Web Site Or In An Email Blast - Contests are great promotional tools; design … [Read more...]

Before Oprah – 5 Tips for PR Professionals Who’ve Struck Gold


The following is for hard working PR professionals and those who strive to promote their own work. When that golden day comes, and a producer or journalist calls you and says, "you're going to be on the XYZ show," or "you're going to be featured in XYZ," it pays to be ready with the appropriate media materials, and followup plan... but for those initial moments of utter joy … [Read more...]

Fifteen Tips for Giving Great Radio Interviews


Besides spreading the word about your book, what’s the best thing about landing a radio interview? The answer is: you can conduct the interview wearing your pajamas! But there’s a catch. You can’t sound like you’re wearing your pajamas. That’s right. Even though you’re talking on the phone to the reporter and no one can see you, you still have to communicate a professional … [Read more...]

Sell More Books with a Great Web Site


Your Web site is your best marketing tool. It is available to be reviewed 24/7. But before you market your Web site, make sure it has everything it needs to help you sell your book. It should include: 1. Home Page About You section About Your Book section News and Media section Easy sign up to receive mailings or newsletters Easy way to buy your book Easy … [Read more...]

Social Media and You – 5 Real Ways to Promote Your Book


Getting the word out about your book doesn't have to be a chore and with today's advanced technological communications platforms it can even be fun. It's okay if your children still have to reprogram your microwave clock for you when the power goes out, this is advice that you don't have to be a tech geek to understand. Remember, social media is "social" so your regular … [Read more...]

Publish Your Book on the Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

amazon_kindle Widgets has sold millions of Kindle ebook readers with more being sold everyday. Plus, Kindle ebooks can be read by anyone with the free Kindle app available for the PC, Mac, iPad and many other platforms. That creates a great opportunity for you, as Amazon is actively seeking digital content to sell to Kindle customers, and those customers are avidly … [Read more...]