Are You a Writer or an Author?


I encourage authors to become writers. Here is the distinction: An author is someone with authority. That is, you are an author if you have something you wish to convey to readers, whether it is a story you have invented, an experience you feel is instructive, an opinion you want to express, or knowledge you want to preserve. You are the subject-matter expert. A … [Read more...]

Three General Rules of Publishing


The business of publishing is old world, mature, and has changed only incrementally over the past fifty years. One thing that can be said about publishing is that the biggest companies lead and the rest tend to follow. This is why little has changed in the way these publishers conduct business. The biggest are the most stodgy and the result is an industry that continues to … [Read more...]

21 Ways to Get Publicity and Increase Sales!


Do you know what made Dr. Phil famous? It was his weekly appearances on Oprah. Was he the world's smartest psychologist? Is he the most handsome? I don't think so. So, why is Dr. Phil rich and famous...and not you? It's because of publicity. Publicity is one of the most powerful forms of advertising. Reporters are constantly on the lookout for products, … [Read more...]

The Publishing Journey


I always knew I wanted to write a book, but it didn't seem feasible from all of the stories I'd heard about how impossible it was to get a book published. So, when I decided to try anyway, I went the traditional route, and contacted over 100 literary agents.  As the process evolved, I realized just how difficult it truly was. Then, I slowly realized that even if I was … [Read more...]

Don’t Be a Couch Potato – Publicity for Your New Release


Guess what? You’re a published author. Sitting on your couch, it’s hard to believe. Publishing is what happens to other people—people who wear black, smoke cigarettes and talk about Kerouac. It doesn’t happen to people like YOU, who have day jobs, families, and car loans. Obviously, you’re excited. You can already see yourself on the cover of People magazine, Pulitzer in hand. … [Read more...]

Five Top Tips for Catching (And Correcting) Errors in Your Business Writing


Whether you are an author writing a book, an entrepreneur with a website, or a "Web 2.0" aficionado with a blog, errors in your writing cause readers to question your credibility. Let me give you an example: I recently read an online article that began with the question, "What is your worse fear?" While the article itself was filled with valuable information, the majority of … [Read more...]

How to Select a PR Agency for a Book Launch or Author Publicity


Selecting a PR agency for a book launch or ongoing author publicity is like finding a mate through a dating service…You first check it out, see how the chemistry is and then explore where your mutual values intersect. If all is well from that point, you can start dating! Here some simple steps that will make the process easier. 1. Check credentials: Look at website to … [Read more...]

The Ripple Effect: Sell Books by Throwing Rocks


I firmly believe that you should always start a book campaign in your own backyard pond, regardless of the topic, theme, or focus of the book. Use your local connections and grow from there. Remember that rocks thrown into a pond will create ripples that can reach faraway shores. Plunk the Rocks into These Ponds First The author’s hometown (both current and past … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Procrastination Stop You From Writing Your Book


A few years ago procrastination was the name of the game when it came to finishing my latest book. While I am usually not a procrastinator, my new project had me frozen in my tracks for nearly a year. After trying every writer’s block tool under the sun, I still couldn’t shake the procrastination. I wasn’t sure what was causing me to put off my latest book project, but the … [Read more...]

Submission Does Not Mean Surrender


Dear Writer, thank you for your submission. We’re sorry to say... Dear Writer, thank you for your submission. We’re sorry to say... Dear Writer, thank you for your submission. We’re sorry to say... I’ve seriously considered changing my name to 'Writer.' A personalized letter is so much more promising. And for a while I titled every work I wrote, “Your Submission,” if … [Read more...]