Create Spinoffs from Your Books

It is difficult to make a living publishing if you have just one book. In addition to your book, think about adding other products and services to better serve your customers and increase your profits. Here are some ideas to get you started: … [Read more...]

ONIX Will Help You to Sell More Books

As a publisher, you've heard about ONIX-the new standard database for information about your book titles. If you're like many small publishers, you may be hoping it will go away. After all, this is technical stuff, and we publishers want to spend our time publishing and selling our books. But ignore it at your peril. … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Book Published – Publishing Options

When you have a project, you must determine what manner and method of publishing will work for you and your publication. There is nothing inherently good or bad, right or wrong, about each type of publishing; however, one method will be best for your book. I know several publishers who started with one method, then switched to another for subsequent editions of that first book … [Read more...]

Knock-Out Writer’s Block: Listening To Your Inner Voice

When I was young, I used to talk to myself. Long, drawn out, one-sided conversations. I didn't have an imaginary friend, I just talked to myself. My mother says that's why I became a writer: because of my overactive imagination. I admit she may be right. Those conversations currently get me through my worst cases of writer's block. … [Read more...]

27 Ways to Sell More Books

You may have written or published the greatest book ever, but if people don't know about it, they can't buy it. Whether you are the author or publisher (or maybe you're both), it is your job to create excitement about and interest in your book. Use the ideas in this article to create a buzz about your book without breaking your budget. … [Read more...]

Booklets – Write and Publish Booklets for Big Profits

What's your excuse for not being published? "I don't know enough to fill a book." "I don't have time to write a whole book." "It's too hard to get an agent or publisher, and I don't want to self publish." None of those excuses apply to booklets. Publishing a booklet is a good way to create an information product which will give you both credibility as an author and almost … [Read more...]

Book Displays – Increase Your Odds of Impulse Purchases

We're all susceptible to the impulse purchase. That's why the grocery and discount stores line the checkout lanes with goodies to catch your eye. It works - you buy more. Put this human impulse to work in your favor by using point-of-purchase displays to put your books in direct line of sight of people with their wallets already out of their pockets. … [Read more...]