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What is the Best Book Writing Software?


One of the questions I get a lot is about what software to use to write books. Should books be written in plain text? Do you need special publishing software such as Adobe InDesign? And what about Scrivener? You can use whatever software works best for you, but I have learned that using good ol’ […]

How To Make Your Kindle Book A Bestseller


If you’re still not publishing on Kindle, you might want to consider it. Even small books that only sell a few copies a day can still earn you a $100 or more per month in passive income. And if your book becomes a hot seller, you can do far, far better. Here then are some […]

Instill a Love of Books by Reading to Your Child

Did you grow up loving to read? If so, chances are that love was encouraged by the adults in your life: parents, teachers and others who introduced you to books. My mother read to me from a very early age. She says that I had memorized “The Night Before Christmas” by the time I was […]

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Start With an Outline and Make Writing Easier

How to write an outline

Writers may have different processes for creativity, storytelling or editing, but outlining is a common practice of the most prolific writers. Your outline is like the train tracks that your writing train runs on. If you just run full speed without an outline, that’s a fast track to poorly supported conclusions and scattered thoughts. An […]

10 Book Marketing and Publishing Industry Predictions for 2016


Print sales were up in 2015, self-published authors continued their ongoing momentum, and quirky trends like adult coloring books had a surprising industry effect. So what does 2016 have in store? Here are my ten book marketing and publishing industry predictions for the year ahead.

Use Your Kindle Books to Build an Email List


Authors can make a good living by publishing ebooks for Amazon Kindle. However, there is one big drawback to selling via the Kindle marketplace. It means giving up control of the marketer’s greatest asset: The customer list. Think about it… If you sell your own ebooks on your own website, then you get the names […]

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Pamela Jane – An Incredible Talent for Existing

An Incredible Talent for Existing

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. My new memoir, , is set in 1965, the era of love, light—and revolution. While I (the twenty-two year old romantic narrator), fanaticize a bucolic future in an old farm house with children climbing the apple trees, my husband plots to organize a […]

Jennifer-Lynn Keniston – Afta-U


What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. My debut novel is called Afta-U. The story details everything that happens after the death of a little girl named Hope, at age 11. Hope’s best friend Jean, who is now almost 40, narrates the story. The Afta-U is both a literal and […]

Karen A. Wyle – Closest to the Fire


What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. is my first nonfiction book, published after five novels. I sought to bring together my profession (attorney) and my avocation (writing fiction), and to give back (or pay forward? I have a mediocre sense of direction) to other authors of fiction. This hefty […]

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