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Book Promotion With Facebook


Facebook is one of the world’s highest traffic websites, and those visitors tend to spend a tremendous amount of time on the site. This makes for somewhat of a captive audience, and yours ads will often get a lot more attention than ads on other websites. There are a number of subjects Facebook doesn’t allow, […]

Writing Tips from Stephen King


Stephen King is one of the most popular fiction writers of our day, and his book offers writers insight into King’s view of the writer’s craft. This infographic shares 14 tips from . Read what King has to say about passive tense, what makes the best stories, description, setting a daily writing goal and what […]

An Easy Way to Multiply Your Book Sales


I recently received this question from an author: I have three books published in the Amazon Kindle store. Sales have been okay, but they have slowed in recent months. What can I do to make more sales? There are several things that can increase book sales, but I am just going to look at a […]

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Your Author Story

What is your story

Want to know the biggest self-imposed roadblock authors face? It’s that small voice in your head that says, “Who are you to think you can write a book?” Sound familiar? We all have that voice, so it can (and should) be ignored…at least when it comes to getting the words on paper. But that voice […]

How to Use Content Marketing To Presell Your Next Book


As a self-published author, if you want your book to get noticed by anyone outside of your immediate family and circle of friends you’ll have to approach marketing in an effective way. But there’s very good news! Just as self-publishing makes it possible for any writer to transform their ideas into a marketable book, content […]


I vividly recall my first morning after moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I walked out the door of my hotel and was instantly smitten by the first strands of morning sunlight radiating from beyond the Sandia Mountains. Later that day I described the experience to an amused local, who replied, “No big deal. After a […]

Author Interviews

Ronald Chapman – A Killer’s Grace


What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. Tell us something about yourself.  I grew up in libraries for all intents and purposes and always knew I would write. That began in 1995 with social commentary on public radio, for which I twice won the National Federation of Presswomen Award for […]

Francie Healey, M.A. CHC, LMHC – Eat to Beat Alzheimer’s Cookbook

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. I’ve just published , which is a cookbook and a manual for anyone interested in eating healthy and using food to promote brain health and prevent dementia. Tell us something about yourself. I’ve been living in New Mexico for about 15 years now […]

David W. Berner – Night Radio


What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. The book is a novel. Night Radio: A Love Story is about Jake Mulholland, a college student who dreams of becoming the next great rock ‘n’ roll radio personality. But like his father, his appetite for love conflicts with his thirst for success, […]

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